How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Horror Films

Those who love scary movies always face miscommunication and condemnation. “How can you watch and love such violent and silly films? There is too much blood. They damage your mentality…”.

These and many other opinions sounded by strangers confuse people who are fond of the chillers. Are there any possible arguments? Continue reading to learn why scary movies are cool and visit 999hdmovie for more interesting facts and stories.

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Well-Known Genre

Mystics and thrillers are not a new invention of modern directors. Edgar Poe, Howard Lovecraft, Dostoevsky, Stephen King, and many other famous writers used the elements of the horror genre. Good horror movies usually make references to well-known works or borrow the plots. A scary movie, if it is shot well, can be considered a piece of art.

Horrors Develop

The times of giant beasts attacking New-York, evil killer tomatoes, and maniacs slashing teenagers are gone. Modern horror movies have gone away from predictable plots and stereotyped characters. For instance, “It, the First Chapter” has a set of full and deep characters marvelously played by teenage actors.

“Us” by Jordan Peele is a movie with a remarkable reflection of modern society and a unique point of view towards racism and discrimination. Today a horror movie combines several genres inside. It is a comedy, detective, drama, or adventure with some horror elements.

Horrors Fight Your Fears

They can help to get rid of cowardness and phobias. At the moment, a thriller stops thrilling you, and you start treating it as a usual film, you understand that you have just fought your terror. We can also say that horrors help to watch at naked reality because our life does not always look like a romantic comedy.

Rich Background

A horror theme is present not only in movies, but in art, architecture, music, and folk art. By the way, did you know that the majority of folkish fairytales are not as bright and joyful as they seem? Let’s recall Little Red Riding Hood, for instance.

There you will find a lot of horror and mystic elements. Many horror stories originate from the fairy tales, myths, and urban legends we have heard in childhood. So, the movies have a right to be a part of our life.

They Are Less Bloody Than You Think

A good horror movie will not abuse blood, gore, and screamer scenes. Only bad directors and B movies do it. A good horror movie can scare you with relatively simple things, paradoxes, and situations.

Pay attention to the horror movies shot by well-known directors – J. Peele, Q. Tarantino, or S. Spielberg. They are full mist suspense and mystics. Such movies as Hostel, Jaws, or Gremlins have become cult films.

These are the main reasons not to consider horror movies hollow and priceless. At the same time, there is no need to start watching every horror movie shot before. Pay more attention, and never underestimate the projects with horror elements. Who knows, maybe one day you will find your favorite film among them?

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