How Seniors Can Benefit From Playing Bingo

Do you have an elderly parent or grandparent who is showing signs of depression, memory loss, or isolation? If so, you may want to entice your loved one to get involved in bingo. Surely, you are familiar with the game “bingo”, which has been around since the 1500s when it was called “beano”.

There is no doubt, seniors are the most vulnerable people. They are oftentimes left alone after the deaths of loved ones. So, they have plenty of time to think, maybe too much time to think. Learning about the mental health benefits of playing bingo is a great place to start. This information will help you entice your senior loved ones to do something else besides stew on their past.

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Improves Memory Recall

Bingo has been determined to help players improve their memory recall (memory retrieval). This mental process allows the brain the retrieve previously stored information. Every time, you remember a past event, your brain is retrieving stored data. Unfortunately, age negatively impacts this mental process, slowing it to a crawl. This is where bingo comes into play. It allows players to keep their memory recall functioning at the maximum capacity.

Memory recall is vital for a positive mentality. Could you imagine what would happen if your brain could not retrieve stored information. If this were the case, it would be depressing because you could not be able to recall past events.

Staves Off Mental Illness

According to statistics, about 15 percent of people aged 60 and up suffer from some type of mental health condition. As mentioned previously, after the death of spouses, parents, grandparents, and friends, some elderly people are left alone. Even worse is when they are childless or have complicated relationships with their children.

The onset of mental health disorders, such as depression and anxiety will appear soon after the last loved one dies. Your senior family members and friends can learn how to play bingo by visiting

Playing bingo helps stave off mental illness in seniors and middle-aged people.

Improves Hand-And-Eye Coordination

What do you think happens when you do not utilize your hands and eyes? They will become weak and eventually unusable over time. This is why it is so crucial to continue utilizing all of your body parts, especially those in your upper extremity. When seniors play bingo, they are working on their hand-and-eye coordination. Of course, they are not aware of it, but over time they will begin to see improvement.

Hand-eye coordination is a process that utilizes very important muscles and organs, including the eyes. This process is a necessity for performing small tasks, such as trying to hit a target with a ball. When you write a letter, utilizing a pencil or pen and paper, you are building hand-eye coordination.

Builds Friendships

Friendships are important in every stage of human life. When seniors have friends, they have someone to share their emotions and experiences with. Instead of sitting in isolation, stewing on your life, you can spend time with friends and make new memories. Bingo offers ample of opportunities for new friendships.

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