How To Be Successful In Marketing In Esports

The world is experiencing a gaming revolution. From mobile devices to desktop computers and consoles, all of these devices are used for the purposes of gaming, and specifically competitive gaming known as esports. The growth of this once-fringe segment has grown to the point where esports have no trouble rivaling traditional sports in pure viewership numbers, with the esports audience reaching nearly 600 million people globally.

This has prompted traditional companies to seek a way to capitalize on the enormous potential of esports, and the young audiences the industry attracts. To successfully leverage this potential, however, companies would need to work with an esports marketing agency that understands how to positions non-endemic brands into the esports ecosystem.

Adrun, a leading esports marketing agency, has several ideas on how these brands can completely transform their footprint and establish themselves as successful brands within the esports ecosystem.

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Levelling The Playfield For Non-Endemic Brands

The key to success as an outsider looking into the esports ecosystem is to create opportunities for companies to be recognized by millions of fans around the world. Marketing in esports boils to several very well-tested practices, Adrun says.

These practices include activations. To do so, companies who are looking to find a foothold into the esports ecosystem must activate constantly, but to be successful in this practice, they would need to create compelling branded content and make their product recognizable and trustworthy.

Companies who want to establish themselves can do so either from building from the grounds up or teaming up with an established personality, a streamer such as Tylor ‘Ninja’ Blevins. Another way is to seek and sponsor events, hosting brick-and-mortar tournaments, Adrun says, gives fans a more direct way of getting to know specific brands.

To be successful, companies need to target their content and advertise it to esports fans in an unobtrusive, intelligent way. Adrun has cautioned mainstream brands who are used to air their commercials in long segments on TV or during sports events to revaluate how they advertise to a crowd that isn’t very fond of having its viewing pleasure interrupted.

Adaptability Will Determine Your Success

While some companies might want to advertise the same way, they do in other segments, esports fans tend to be more dismissive of traditional marketing practices, and so, brands have had to adopt. Many have been successful, because KFC, McDonald’s, Coca-Cola, Pepsi, BMW, Mercedes Benz, are just some of the names who have been able to establish a nice footprint in the esports segment by successfully securing the sympathies of esports crowds.

However, adaptability is necessary for success, Adrun cautions. That is why many of the brands that take it on themselves to advertise in esports need the guidance of an experienced company that is already familiar with marketing in esports and knows the core principles. They boil down to transparency and honesty with the target audience.

Branding events, creating unique activations, and opportunities to reach out to the community are just some of the things that matter, but for a wholesome marketing strategy in esports, Adrun recommends turning to professionals.

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