How To: Play any game with 3D Glasses for $2

After the HUGE success of “Lord of Movies” James Cameron’s “Avatar” the 3D genre has really launched full scale on the world and more and more theaters are equipping their projectors with the 3D enabling hardware and software. Someone said that James Cameron is the reason cinema once again has a chance to score those big dollars again even though the Internet is riddled with torrent sites enabling you and everyone else to download any new movie pretty much after a few days since its release.

Now the feature comes widely for games as well. However the demand has been quite low as companies charge ridiculous money for the “kits” that will enable you the joy of being “inside” the game while playing. This even though the drivers can be downloaded for free from a few sites and connects right into your 3d engine (pretty much ANY engine). The only thing you have to get is a pair of 3D glasses. If you buy them or make them out of cellophane plastic is entirely up to you but the total amount you have to pay pretty much is $2 instead of the ridiculous $399 that some “kits” costs.

So, just watch this awesome clip and let yourself get immersed into the world of gaming. Oh, did I say that this even works with “World of Warcraft”? Yup, it’s that awesome!

Now get off your butt and be unique. Be the one to first jump on the band wagon and play games in full 3D. Stay cool and enjoy!