How To: Turn Anything Into A Sandwich

Here at Bit Rebels, we see a lot of funny pictures. We giggle about them a few times each day. Sometimes what we see in those images is real, and sometimes it’s not. Sometimes they are obviously Photoshopped, and sometimes they are created from scratch. It really doesn’t matter. Funny pictures rock, and as long as they make us laugh, all that other stuff is irrelevant.

Not only did this picture below capture my imagination and take it spinning into outer space, it’s pretty darn brilliant. The creativity is off the chart. Just think, put these bread gloves on and literally anything becomes a sandwich. Why didn’t I think of that? I suppose these would also be ideal for anyone who is too lazy to open a bag of bread. I know after a long day of tweeting, even I can be too tired to be bothered with such things.

Unfortunately, these badboys don’t exist in real life. :( They should though, right? They would definitely make eating with our hands cool again. Now we just need to get some matching shoes made out of cupcakes or wait… We can wear this salsa hat, it would totally complement the whole outfit! Hmm… I’d better not get around my dog with these on. I might become his afternoon snack.

Turn Anything Into Sandwich

Via: [Presurfer] Header Image Credit: [Small Scale Business Tips]