How To Win Rummy Even If You Don’t Get A Joker Card?

A good rummy player knows that rummy is not all about joker and there is more to the game. Yet, people are usually crazy about possessing jokers. If you are confused why this is so, here are some simple reasons that may justify the craze for joker cards.

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Merits Of Jokers

Those who are obsessed by the ultimate rummy craze know the many merits that possessing a joker may offer you. Apart from the wildcard or pulled-out joker, there are joker faced cards that are used as jokers and blanks cards that may be regarded as jokers. So, there are nearly 7-8 jokers when you play rummy with just a single deck. These cards can be used effectively to complete sequences and also win the game.

Various Positions That A Joker Can Fill Into

A joker in online rummy is like a bonus point you enjoy in any online game. This is because the joker cards help you win the game sooner. There are many different sequences and sets where joker helps to fill into the gap. Read along and sharpen your rummy skills:

Completing Real Sequence:

A real sequence is a sequence made from cards of the same sign in ascending or descending order of their values and a joker may be used to replace any card in this sequence. For example, suppose you are trying to make a sequence of 5,6,7 and 8 of spades but you do not have 7 of spades, you may use a joker to fill the position.

The odds of getting a 7 of spades from the deck are limited but there are more chances of you getting a joker to fill the gap. Completing Sets or Melds: Sets or melds are a combination of cards of different signs but of the same value.

For example, you can combine a Q of hearts, a Q of diamonds and a Q of clubs to form a set or meld. Now, suppose you have just two of these three cards, you may use a joker to replace the third. Similarly, you may also use two jokers to go with a card of any sign to complete a set. Thus, a joker increases your odds of completing a meld when you play rummy online or offline.

Completing Pure Sequence: A joker cannot be used to complete a pure sequence. However, if you get a pulled-out joker of the value and sign that is missing in your pure sequence, this card will help you complete the pure sequence.

Joker Helps Cut Down On Points

Points accumulated over the games matter in all series rummy games like Deals Rummy and Pool Rummy. One of the major goals, when you play rummy online, is to reduce your points as much as possible. This goal can also be achieved with the help of appropriate jokers.

Getting rid of waste high point cards: For instance, if you have some high point cards that are not part of any set or sequence, you may withdraw a joker and dispose of a high point card. You may then use the joker to join with any existing set or real sequence.

Getting rid of high point cards in incomplete sequences: Many times, people hold onto pairs of cards of the same sign hoping to get the third card soon. If you get a joker in this situation, you may use it and complete the sequence.

Will Anyone Still Consider Disposing A Joker In Rummy?

As already stated, the joker is a very helpful card that can take you closer to winning in many ways. So, will anyone ever be wise in disposing of a joker? In fact, experts do consider disposing jokers in certain situations. Here we have mentioned that tricky situation where this may seem a wise choice:

If a Joker Prevents completion of a Pure Sequence: In all the variations of rummy, a pure sequence is inevitable. In a 10 cards rummy game, the single pure sequence is regarded as life. In 13 cards and 21 cards rummy game also, life is not complete if there is no pure sequence. Thus, if a joker obstructs the creation of a pure sequence, it is best to dispose of the joker. This situation happens when a person gets too many jokers.

Which Joker Should One Dispose?

In such situations, if you have a choice between joker cards and pulled-out jokers, dispose of the latter. This is because the opponent cannot use the pulled-out joker as joker unless he shows the card as a part of the pure sequence.

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