Innovative Technology In Sports And Where We Are Heading

Technology has never been an innovation solely for the math whiz or computer geek. Its extensive range of uses relates to even the most physical forms of sports, as well as bringing those sports into the computer world. It continues to expand in necessity and convenience within the sports community, bringing new and exciting innovative technology to the everyday sports fan.

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Fantasy Football

One of the expanding areas of technology in sports is Fantasy Football. A game enjoyed by millions of Americans, Fantasy Football, unites sports fans, and video gamers into one interactive online entertainment. It continues to grow in popularity each year, rising from 9 million players in 2005 to nearly 35 million in 2013, an incredible difference in such a short amount of time.

Multiple forms of technology have been added to this American favorite, and many more can be used. AI-Powered insight is a recent recommendation among Fantasy Football players, the use of AI (Automated Insights), and ML (Machine Learning) being potentially helpful to all fans.

It would provide features such as Contribution Analysis, Anomaly Detection, and Segment Comparison (Forbes). Some players are creating professional leagues using blockchain technology. “A blockchain is essentially a public digital ledger of transactions that can’t be changed.

It’s most associated with powering cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, but it can be applied to other areas, such as health care, voting, or … sports.” (CNN). This use of blockchain technology within sports isn’t considered wise among all experts but is a spirited effort to enhance the world of sports with the innovation of technology.

U.S. Sports Betting

Technology can also be used through U.S. sports betting. Recently being legalized in a handful of states, sports betting is a popular way to make sports among fans more exciting. Sports betting ranges among most, if not all, sports, many websites taking on the responsibility of monitoring and placing the bets among fans.

According to Wikipedia, “Sports bettors place their wagers either legally, through a bookmaker/sportsbook, or illegally through privately run enterprises.” With the use of registered websites, sports betting is perfectly legal in the legalized state.

No need to worry about illegal wagers! Sites like the US Sports Bonus help people find and use legal sportsbooks with no problem. Because of the recent innovations in technology, sports betting is accessible for all fans.

The involvement of technology in sports is beneficial to the players and fans alike, hyping up sports online and advertising to previously unreached groups. Many other technological advances, such as real-time data, E-Sports, and VAR (Video-Assisted Referees), benefit the sports world.

E-Sports attracts younger people to the sporting world, and according to Forbes, “the use of VAR at the World Cup was a resounding success, so much so that UEFA is fast-tracking its own implementation so video review can be used in the knock-out stages of this year’s Champions League.”

Technology has advanced the accessibility and advertisement of sports, bringing convenience and new opportunities to fans. Fantasy Football and sports betting bring fans together, and technology continues to advance our world.

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