Insanely Rare Star Wars Video “Return Of The Ewok” Surfaces!

It’s very rare that I sit and watch something as concentrated as I just did. I don’t usually become so intellectually immersed when something was shot during the early ’80s, but this totally caught my attention. This 24 minute long Star Wars based movie is said to have been kept private in the lead role actor, Warwick Davis’s own VHS library for over a decade, and he only showed it to family members and friends. The reason why is not clear, but the movie was shown publicly for the first time in 1999 during a Star Wars Celebration.

It’s about a young actor who wants to be in pictures. He goes merry on his way to become a part of the mega success Star Wars. It’s a really funny and impressive story where you get to see not only Warwick Davis himself in some rather awesome situations, but also Harrison Ford, Mark Hamill and of course Carrie Fisher in her trademarked bikini outfit.

The reaction of the crowd watching this movie is as awesome as the movie itself, and you can really feel the geekology of the fans that just keeps building up until today. Star Wars has really become a lifestyle for so many people, and I am sure we all expect it to live on forever. The question is really what George Lucas is going to do next. Will there be any more Star Wars movies after the prequels and the original ones? I am sure the fans would devour even begining-quels and end-quels if their titles began with the two words we’ve all heard before: Star Wars.

Via: [swtorstrategies]