Iron Baby Is Here! – Beats Iron Man’s Butt Many Times Over

I feel a little ashamed right now cause I have to admit that I haven’t yet seen Iron Man 2. Yup, that’s right, I haven’t seen it yet and it’s really bugging me. People keep telling me it’s a really great movie and the special effects are off the hook. I am a special effects fanatic (however I don’t think it makes the movie but certainly raises the bar if it is a special effects driven movie), and I usually go and check out anything that has to do with them. It gives me great inspiration, and I need a lot of it knowing I won’t be able to sleep more than two hours each night. I might as well do something useful with the time.

Patrick Boivin, a French Canadian filmmaker, made a comedy incarnation of the much appraised brand and decided to star his own daughter as Mr(s) Stark. The special effects he’s been able to pull together are just stunning, and it is flawless all the way down to the smallest little detail.

Mr. Boivin is a self taught special effects guru who just does what he needs to do to make it look good. His now famous comment on the matter is surely going to inspire a lot of people. He said – “Since I didn’t go to film school, nobody told me I wasn’t supposed to do everything.And it is a statement that is profound on so many levels. The clip looks amazing and could sure have been done by a huge special effects studio, however he did it all himself on his home computer using a couple of professional tools. Simply amazing!