Is It Always Advantageous To Use A Casino Bonus?

Online casino bonuses seem to be getting bigger and larger day by day. In this extremely competitive sector, casinos are continuously trying their best to attract newcomers and keep the old ones.

Down below, we’ll look at different sorts of promotions and whether they’re worth your time and money. Many casino players are unable to properly appreciate the cost of casino bonuses and frequently become irritated. It is always important to remember that no matter which one you go for – whether it is a standard welcome bonus or free spins – you always should be able to convert it to real money.

That being said, let’s discover in what cases you should take advantage of online casino bonuses.

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Understanding Terms & Conditions

There are several elements to consider when calculating the bonus cost. Some of the examples include wagering requirements, expiry date, and the house edge.

The Wagering Requirements

The wagering requirement specifies how many times a bonus must be wagered before you can cash it out. These requirements differ from one bonus to the next, so you must always check it out. The industry standard for wagering requirements equals 35x. Although you will definitely come across certain promotions that have lower or higher wagering requirements than usual.

To make things more clear, let’s look at an example. Let’s imagine that you are going for a no deposit bonus and T&C mentions that the wagering requirement is 30x. If the minimum deposit equals $10, you have to multiply your winnings 30 times. Until then, all your money can not be withdrawn.

If you see that a certain welcome bonus has very high requirements for withdrawal, then it might be the best idea to stay away from it. Why? Because this will most certainly take a lot of time and money from you, and in the end, you might not even be able to get what you earned.

House Edge

The house edge is the proportion of total wagers that an online gambling site hopes to keep over time. This indicates that if a casino game has a 10% house edge, the casino will make a 10% profit from the game over time.

Table games like blackjack, for example, have a smaller house edge than others. Some games might come with a bigger house edge and poor odds.

So, what do all of these have to do with online casino bonuses? The house advantage for a certain game will influence the amount of time you need to play before you are able to cash out winnings from your free spins or no deposit bonus.

So, Should You Go For That Bonus You Just Discovered?

Well, the answer to this question is not simple at all. It depends on different things, including the house edge, the wagering requirement, and which casino games you decide to play.

Assume you come across a 100% welcome bonus with a low wagering requirement of 15x. This is a fantastic offer that you might be able to meet, so let’s suppose you put down $200. With a 15x wagering requirement, you must spend a total of $3000, before you can cash out. It would be relatively simple to achieve this condition while simultaneously generating a profit if you played a low-house edge game like online blackjack.

Going for casino bonuses might still provide extra value if your main objective is to create risk-free gains. You have a better chance of winning when you have extra bonus money to play with.

It is crucial to understand which casino bonuses provide the most value. The highest bonus is not always the best. And certain bonuses with smaller values provide you the best chance of completing the requirements.

Players may easily come out ahead with a little luck on your side. This is a more likely situation with the benefit of more bonus money to play with. Even if you lose, you will have more time to play and a better chance of winning.


All in all, it is pretty clear that bonuses give players the chance to boost their bankroll. That translates into having more money to play with. If you don’t want to risk a lot, then we would advise going for free spins which are way more profitable.

They don’t only give you more chances of winning but also let you explore the features of a specific game. If you are new to online slots and casinos in general, they will definitely be advantageous.

Whichever bonus you end up choosing, don’t forget that you are still dealing with real money. So, gamble responsibly and make the best out of your gambling experience.

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