Is This The iPad’s True Use? – [Humor]

Alright, I think we will soon deplete pretty much every topic there is about the iPad if we don’t stop soon. Sure, Steve Jobs is God a genius company executive and everything that Apple does is, in some way or another, quite useful. I’ll admit that I am really psyched every time they announce or release something new and fresh, but every now and then there is something that comes from Apple that just doesn’t really add up. Take the iTV for example… or was it AppleTV? It’s hard to remember since it never caught on… at least not like everything else they have done.

Designer Dominic Wilcox decided to add to Apple’s product line and created something that only could be considered the iPad’s true use. It’s one of those “Eureka!” moments when you totally understand the entire entity of a product and there is nothing else you need to know.

His invention and addition to the line of accessories for the iPad is the “iBookend“. It will totally rearrange your entire lifestyle. Now you no longer have to watch those pesky books of yours, that you never read in the first place, fall over on the bookshelf making it look messy and annoying. Instead, use the iPad together with the iBookend to neatly stack your books and feel the calm of the room enter your soul.

Oh, and while you’re at it… why not buy the books that you have on your bookshelf in the iBook Store and you’ll have even more reason not to read them. If you wait long enough, they will become collectors items and even antiques. Then you’ll have yet another reason not to ever touch them. How wonderful life can be sometimes… don’t you agree?