Kinect Hack Used To Create Stunning Music Video

I have previously touched on the subject of creative music videos, and how they are made.  Some people do what everyone else does, and some just hit the ball out of the park.  It’s a pleasure when that happens since I think the stereotype movie creators tend to throw too many safe cards around themselves.  With a closed and narrow mind, you won’t be able to break an artist into a world where everything is viewed from how awesome something is.  At least I would rather look at something that is fresh and brand new than watch another one of those “bling dat girl” music videos.  Not that I have anything against them, but to catch my attention when it comes to videos, it certainly has to be something new.

The directors of Moullinex‘s latest video, Luis Clara Gomes and Luis Calçada, certainly know how to catch your attention.  Using one of the hottest new trends, they decided to hack the Kinect and use its power to create a new kind of video.  By using Microsoft Kinect, Processing, Cinema 4D and After Effects, they manage to thrill that creative side of your brain to the point that you want to know how it’s done.

The Moullinex‘s music video “Catalina” is not only visually impressive, it also incorporates some heavy duty visual tricks that can be created with off the shelf software technologies.  If you have the skills, you can really create something that most people will find appealing.  That is exactly what a video should do, capture its viewers and make them listen to your song.  This is a brilliant example of that.

Creative Music Video Moullinex Catalina

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