Legalized Betting – A Change In The Game [Infographic]

Something new and fresh just hit the world of sports in the US. For the past two and a half decades, it was illegal to bet on sports in almost all US states. However, all that changed in May 2018 when the Supreme Court of the United States ruled against the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA) which was prohibiting these activities.

Thanks to this ruling, every state in the US now has the right to determine if sports betting is legal for them or not.

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The team at NJ Games did research on what this means for the sports betting industry. The results of the study are neatly summarized in the infographic below. It contains all the information you need to enter this relatively new industry called legalized sports betting. Here are brief insights into what you’ll learn.

You’ll see the timeline of events concerning the legalization of sports betting in the US. This runs from October 1992, when PASPA was enacted, through May 2018, when it was ruled unconstitutional.

You’ll also learn the economic impact that the legalization of sports betting is expected to have on the United States – how it affects employment, taxation, and the monetization of real-time sports data.

Analyzing existing data, it’s easy to deduce that sports betting will be experiencing a major wave of growth pretty soon. In fact, right now, the wave has already begun to hit gradually, especially with the introduction of blockchain technology and artificial intelligence.

The big question is, “what does the future hold for sports betting?” That’s just another thing you’ll find out from this infographic. And let’s not forget the fun facts tucked in at different points as well.

So, are you a sports lover who wants to make money from your passion? Or maybe you’re an investor looking to spread your tentacles into new industries? Whichever one you are, the infographic below can be your North Star.

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Legalized Sports Betting Infographic