Lego Universe Launches | Now you play all you want!

I just became a kid again! The neurons in my body just went berzerk and I just HAVE to check this out. During the CES show in Las Vegas LEGO announced that they are currently developing a massively multiplayer online game that will be called “LEGO Universe”. The game will feature your tiniest imagination and you will be able to draw from every possible piece of LEGO there is to build your own stuff to battle the evil. Yup, cause that’s what it will be. It will once again be about good vs. evil and the visuals tell of a truly magical and awesome in-game environment where anything is possible.

The game will adapt the very profitable subscription model and the price for it have not yet been set. It will be announced as soon as they reach ever closer to the opening of the world itself. However, I am sure that the cost will be in the vicinity of other games like World of Warcraft and Eve-Online where you are charged a small fee of $19.95 per month.

The gameplay itself I am sure will be pretty straight forward and I imagine some kind of fusion between World of Warcraft and Second Life where you will be able to build your own stuff and share it with others. But, I am sure there will be things pre-made in the game as well for players to quickly get started. Without the customization of your avatar and the gear you have in the game the concept of the LEGO itself is entirely lost. So, I am pretty sure that the features in the game will be most customizable.

Judging from the video there is every possible world ever brought to you by LEGO for you to get your inspiration from. I just love how you will be able to play Indiana Jones vs the Jedi’s or whatever else combination you are interested in. This game I think will be epic in the end and I am sure it will really look great. I wonder…will I be able to use my 3D glasses for this one? THAT would be awesome!

If you want to know more about this up-coming game just visit LEGO’s official game website called “LEGO Universe” and immerse yourself in the awesome details!