Michael Jackson Tribute Dance – Stockholm, Sweden

Sometimes I am so proud to call myself Swedish. Just a few days ago something happened here in Stockholm, Sweden that blew everyone away. Just by the sheer size of what was undertaken and the secrecy that the group was able to keep things under wrap. In the middle of rush hour, both during the day and during the busiest hours of the night club district one sole dancer from “Bounce” dance group (a rather famous dance group here in Sweden) started dancing in the middle of the crowd a short time after someone had started to play “Beat It” by Michael Jackson.

Before long a few more joined in. And more and MORE! In the end it was literally thousands of dancers dancing to the sound of “Beat It”. It’s become a nationwide success and now it’s spreading into the world. Much like the prisoners did. You just have to check this out. A great day to call yourself a Swede.