The Self-Proclaimed Mini King of Pop

I’m not normally into kiddie videos. All of us who have kids think our kid is the cutest, and we always want to show off the videos, right? I’m not into all that. The only time I can usually sit through a kid video is on Christmas morning or a special birthday.

However, this one is different. This little boy blows my mind! I remember hearing about him several months ago. He is the self-proclaimed Mini King of Pop. This six-year-old boy does a jam up Michael Jackson impersonation that will leave you giggling all day long. His name is Theo McKenzie-Hayton, and he can moonwalk like no kid I’ve ever seen before. There are clips of him all over YouTube dancing to different Michael Jackson songs.

This particular video is from his audition on a show called Got to Dance. When asked why he likes to impersonate Michael Jackson, he said, “I liked Michael Jackson when he was alive, but when he died, I was like, we need somebody here so then I took over.” Wow, that sounds like it was said with the arrogance of a pop star, so he’ll probably be really, really famous one day. Apparently this little cutie is on Twitter, but I couldn’t find his username. If I had it, I’d follow him for sure. Props Theo! You are a talented little man, and I wish you much success!

Via: [Unreality TV]