Mind Blowing Ukulele Cover Of Billie Jean

One of the world’s most hit song generating artists was Michael Jackson, and even though he died, there are still some expectations for the material Michael wrote which hadn’t yet been released. There are still 4 albums to be released with his songs, and Sony Music is of course beyond secretive about them. One of the last producers and songwriters to ever work with Michael Jackson was RedOne, the producer and writer of some of Lady Gaga‘s hit songs. The songs that came out of those sessions with Michael Jackson have yet to be released, and it’s those that I am especially interested in listening to.

However, until they eventually get released, we are bound to keep listening to the countless classics that Michael Jackson released during his career. There is a twist in all this, and that is that we don’t necessarily have to listen to Michael performing them. We have featured a few songs here on Bit Rebels that were covers of some of Michael’s songs, and I can assure you that if you thought Billie Jean played on a cello was weird, this one is even one step closer towards that statement.

This version of Billie Jean was performed on a ukelele by James Hill, and it is something of a mind blowing thing really. The guy performing it is extremely skillful, and the way he plays that ukelele is right in line with the Billie Jean song. Have a listen to the performance of his quite brilliant cover, and tell me you are not impressed!

Billie Jean Cover On Ukelele