Minecraft Madness: Guy Builds 1:1 Replica Of The Enterprise!

It’s one of the latest phenomenon in the gaming industry. It has so far mesmerized thousands and thousands of players all around the world, and yet the game isn’t entirely finished yet. Minecraft is conceptualized, developed and designed by Markus Persson from Sweden. It is one of those games that is so simple and yet so fantastically fun to play. I have of course dug myself into the game, and I keep playing (crafting) it whenever time allows. It’s a dangerous game though cause you will easily get addicted. Time will fly by like it was seconds instead of hours, and that’s never good when you have tons of stuff to get done.

Time; however, seems to be in abundance for gamer Halnicholas (his alias). The large scale of the game allows for some truly large builds, and this one has got to be the largest one to date, not to mention the most complex and strategic. Halnicholas attempted to build the Star Trek Entreprise-D ship, and it’s nothing less than amazing.

The scale of this thing is 1:1, so you can imagine it taking quite some time to put it together. It’s not entirely finished yet, and he clearly is starting to get exhausted with the build since he is asking for people to join in to help finish the task. It’s so big that when he starts to walk around it, it takes ages and ages just to reach the outer edge of the ship. I can only speculate how long it took for him to get this far. The build is insanely inspiring! Props!