Mini-Games – The Best In-Game Games Of All Time

It wasn’t all too long ago that video games were just a couple of lines on the screen trying to block a square ball from getting past them. A lot has happened since then and video games have evolved from a single static screen to immersive worlds that keep mesmerizing everyone who ever steps inside of them. Sure, Doom, Grand Theft Auto and all of the other first person games are insanely fun to play, but we shall not forget the mini-games that keep on rising on the app lists all over the world. They might not be able to match the on-screen wonderment that the more immersive games deliver, but they are certainly picking up in numbers of players.

Chocobo Racing

Whilst Nintendo had pulled together familiar faces from their popular universe for the hugely successful ‘Mario Kart’ spin-off franchise in 1999 the makers of ‘Final Fantasy’ thought they would also try their hand at the world the kart racing. ‘Chocobo Racing’ saw the ‘Final Fantasy’ mascot take centre stage racing alongside a cast of familiar characters from the series of games as well as ‘Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo’s Dungeon’ that included Golem, Goblin, Chubby Chocobo, Behemoth, Mog, White Mage and Chocobo himself. The game also came with a story mode that allowed you unlock additional characters.

Chicken Kicking Competition

Although it may not sound like the most animal friendly game around, the popular ‘Chicken Kicking Competition’ game is a special addition to the expanded release of ‘Fable’ which was bulked up and rereleased as ‘Fable: The Lost Chapters’. This Bronze Quest was unlocked once you manage to complete the ’Treasure of the Ghost Pirate’ quest and have banished the Oakvale ghost. The game does exactly what it says on the tin and involves the player kicking chickens into a gridded scoring area to pick up points. Various angles, strength and stamina all play a part in how best the poultry projectile is blasted through the air.


The post-apocalyptic series ‘Fallout’ has managed to squeeze in some casino-based mini-games action which fitted in perfectly well with the 2010 release of ‘Fallout: New Vegas’. The stand-alone game was based in the Mojave Wasteland and found the player taking the role of the Courier who finds himself hunting around New Vegas looking for his would-be murderer. The roulette game that likens itself to that of Sky roulette and other similar mobile casino experiences lets player’s place bets on their favourite numbers, colours, range or simply odds and evens. If you play 10 spins on the mini-game it will help you unlock the Little Wheel achievement.

GTA Bowling

In 2008’s release of ‘Grand Theft Auto IV’, there was a lot more gaming action than the typical vehicle-based controversy. In the general story mode, there are two bowling alleys to choose from where the game first comes to the player’s attention during its ‘First Date’ mission. Even though the bowling segment is playable as part of the story development you can still bowl a few games before and after the actual mission giving you a chance to hone your bowling skills if necessary.

Mini-Games – The Ultimate Pastime Within Games

Best Mini-Games Ever

Best Mini-Games Ever

Best Mini-Games Ever