How The Mobile Gaming Industry Is Winning Female Players

The mobile gaming industry has been growing exponentially over the years. Innovative developments in the smartphone and tablet markets have helped it to grow to unexpected proportions and new technology has meant that they have simply been getting better, faster and more powerful all round. New devices also mean new platforms and ways in which game developers can re-evolve the gaming experience. This has opened the doors to mobile gaming allowing a wider range of games to be made available through mobile-based devices which has lead to an increased number of new gamers, some of which may have never even experienced online gaming before.

Aside from mobile gaming being able to now reach a much wider audience of potential gamers the really interesting aspect is that there is now a trend of gamers of different ages and even sexes enjoying games. Cost and convenience has been crucial for the mobile gaming market to grow as quickly as it has. There’s no requirement for purchasing expensive discs or consoles and never any software or other complicated setup or installation issues. You simply visit an app store and install the game of choice within a few seconds and with just a few clicks and swipes.

Incredibly women are now the more dominant audience share of gamers out there. Once an industry dominated by male gamers more and more female players are enjoying the huge variety of games the mobile market now has to offer. And it is this switch from traditional PC and console gaming that has made all the difference. The reach is wider, the games are less expensive, and they’re easier to play because they’re more bite-sized in scale. This accessibility coupled with games that offer broader themes has resulted in more female gamers enjoying a gaming experience and the game genres have evolved much further than just shooting and blowing things up and everything else typically associated with male dominated gameplay.

Huge mobile gaming hits such as Candy Crush, Angry Birds and other bingo and casino-type games, like Europalace casino on your mobile, have helped give new players the opportunity to enjoy gaming from their home at any time of the day. These fun and quick to learn games have proved popular with all generations of gamers and thanks to their ability to translate perfectly from mobile devices to other new upcoming gaming platforms like that of the smartwatch has meant that they are also highly adaptable.

Mobile Gaming Is Winning Female Players

Female Mobile Gaming Industry

Female Mobile Gaming Industry