Movie Quiz: Movie Titles In The Form Of Geek Math

Keeping up with all the latest movies and their trailers isn’t much of a challenge these days. The Internet has made it possible for us to know instantly when a new movie comes out and what it is all about. The interactive experience we get from the Internet goes way beyond the conventional movie poster approach we were used to before the Internet came to into every household. Today we’re used to clicking our way to our favorite genre to find movies that we will most likely find interesting. However, as a geek, it can sometimes be quite a boring experience just continuously browsing through movies that we’ve already seen. Personally I don’t know if I am either a right or a left brain person, and when it comes to math and design, I wouldn’t consider myself to have a knack for both of them. I just do, and that is pretty much what I do everyday.

So, when it comes to geeking out the way we see movie posters, there is an approach that I think even the most hardcore math geeks will find quite interesting. It is to make math problems out of the movie titles and let math geeks do their best to solve them, thus figuring out what the movie titles are.

So far I have been looking at these, and I have been able to solve a few of them. Knowing my personality, I’m sure I will sit here until all of them are solved. But now the question is really, do you know what the movie titles are and how did you come to your conclusions? Comment and let us know what you think they are. It’s great fun combined with a bit of brain gymnastics.

Movie Title Math Problem Quiz

Via: [Spiked Math Comics]