My Drunk Kitchen Holiday Edition: Rabbi GingerHead

By now, you’ve heard of My Drunk Kitchen, right? If not, oh my gosh, it’s your lucky day. I wrote about Hannah Hart‘s first cooking show video, called Butter Yo Shit, earlier this year. It now has over a million views. Hannah is not only hilarious, but she’s a really nice person too. She sent me the kindest email thanking me for featuring her here on Bit Rebels.

She’s come out with a few more videos since then, and this one for the holidays is another big success. This little video is all about building a gingerbread house… and drinking eggnog. On a side note, who drinks eggnog anyway? I’ve never been brave enough to try it, and in this video, it looks disgusting.

Aliens must have put eggnog on our holiday traditions list just so they could look down and laugh at us each year when we pretend to like drinking it. Oh, and they put fruitcake on that list too. In my house, we build a gingerbread house each year on Christmas. Here is a picture of the one my son and I made last year. In a few days, on Christmas, I will be thinking about this video when we are building our annual gingerbread house. I might even drink a glass of wine for the occasion. :)

Drunk Building Gingerbread House

Drunk Building Gingerbread House

Via: [That’s Nerdalicious]