MYST – Changing The World of Gaming

By now there can’t be many people around the world that doesn’t know about the huge phenomenon of the ground breaking game “Myst” which was released September 24, 1993. The following was monumental and the game was the first game ever to rival a Hollywood blockbuster in terms of it’s revenue.

I played the game over and over and I now have it on my iPhone playing it whenever I get a chance between projects and designs. On the DVD that the game came on was also a behind the scenes clip. I was mesmerized by it and I fanatically watched it dreaming of creating my own game some day.

Here is a few video clips presenting and laying out the path that Myst has taken before and since the game became the worlds best selling game in computer history earning over $130.000.000 in it’s first year.

Oh, and isn’t it funny that it ALWAYS starts in a garage??

Myst Reminiscences

The Making of Myst