Online Entertainment Is About To Change And Here Is Why

In 2019, Reed Hastings from Netflix agreed that the key rival of the service is not HULU or HBO, but the PC game Fortnite. According to Statista, in 2021, the number of gamers could reach 1/3 of the world population. Nowadays, games are getting more common and involving. Creators implement advanced technologies and even speed up their evolution. What technologies and innovations will shape the future of gaming? Let’s find out.

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Evolution Of Gambling Games

2021 promises to be the most innovative and generous year in the world of online gambling. For a long time, online games did not differ in fun and topic, and the range of entertainment on the sites was limited only to a variety of slot machines. The legalization of online gambling in many states has changed the market. Players now have the opportunity to choose an online casino, and the choice often stops at an institution with a more interesting assortment of games. For example, one can find free bonus buy slots at and enjoy them.

The most popular brands on the market are those that have relied on new genres, functionality, and quality of online games. Besides, one can recall the following novelties that have recently emerged on the gambling market:

  • Virtual sports betting;
  • Lottery games online;
  • Live mode for online games;
  • Pokies with the elements of strategy;
  • Crypto pokies, etc.

Users predict that such novelties will set the tone for the entire industry in 2021-2022.

Cloud Gaming

Experts foresee that the cloud gaming market will increase to $450 million by 2023. Such gaming giants as Playstation Now, Google Stadia, or Playkey are already launching resourceful games in spite of hardware capabilities. Soon, they’ll give developers the freedom to create without technical constraints:

  • Any developer will be able to implement one’s fantasies.
  • A new class of games will appear, aimed at supporting cloud standards without technical limits. Towns and the entire universes can be worked out to the smallest detail.
  • The boundaries between genres will disappear.
  • An element of social approval of the gamer’s actions will become important – online communities will resemble real ones.

Cloud gaming development driver is a 5G spread. This communication standard will increase speed and make the transfer of bulk data from the cloud uninterrupted. The technology will involve gamers playing from their smartphones, which is more than 2 billion users now, and 5G will multiply their number.

In Conclusion

People no longer play games just for fun. Games become the platform for communication with like-minded people. Now, they are empowered to create their own cities, university campuses, and even states online, as well as set real meetings. The 5G technology will accelerate these changes. Soon, we’ll enter the virtual world from any device with a screen and a 5G connection.

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