Pay N Play Expands Worldwide

Pay N Play is an innovative payment system created specifically for online gambling. After its initial success in Scandinavian countries for live casino players, Pay N Play is expanding operations worldwide. Online casinos offering Pay N Play allow players to deposit and start playing casino games immediately, while Trustly takes care of the registration process. The unique Pay N Play system is becoming more prevalent in online casinos as more operators wake up to its benefits.

Pay N Play casinos are currently trending in the gambling industry and are available in almost 30 countries. There are over 100 casino brands now offering Pay N Play, with most located in Europe and Scandinavia. The future looks promising as Pay N Play casinos gain traction and become available in more countries worldwide.

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Pay N Play Casinos

You’ll need to choose a Pay N Play online casino to enjoy the benefits. Firstly, check that the site accepts Trustly’s Pay N Play. Although not all casinos accept it, the ones that do are growing by the day. Next, you should check what games are available. Does the site offer online slots by leading software developers? Are there any live casino games and video poker? It depends on your preference.

Pure & Hybrid Pay N Play Models

Online casinos have two models available. The Pure Model has Trustly as the sole registration and payment method for players to use. The Hybrid Model permits other depositing methods alongside Trustly. Both options have distinct advantages for operators. The Pure Model may have region-specific games, primarily for Northern European countries, and the system automatically processes withdrawals up to €2,000.

The Hybrid Model permits players to deposit via Trustly or fill an online registration form. Such casinos have several payment providers with games available in many countries, according to its license. No further documents are necessary for withdrawals up to €2,000.

How To Use Pay N Play At Online Casinos

Before signing up at an online casino, look for Pay N Play as a payment option. If the casino is using the Pure Model, the registration process is automatic when you deposit money. With Pure Pay N Play online casinos, the processing time for withdrawals is under 5 minutes, and your funds transfer to your bank account instantly. There’s a registration form with the Hybrid Model, and you can use Trustly Sign Up or immediately via BankID.

Some online casinos will send a verification code to your mobile device, which you need to input to confirm the registration process. For example, you may be requested to input your name, date of birth, email, telephone number, and current physical address. If you get lucky, you can withdraw your winnings after satisfying the wagering requirements, and the processing time varies with each casino; however, it shouldn’t be more than 48 hours.

About Pay N Play

Pay N Play is a highly effective payment option for online casinos, providing a straightforward and seamless solution for expedited withdrawals. The Trustly Group AB operates Pay N Play, and the renowned payment institution functions under the Swedish Financial Authority’s supervision. The Malta Gaming and Swedish Gambling Authorities regulate the payment solution, which first appeared in 2008.

With a staff complement of over 350 in offices worldwide, Trustly processes over 9 million monthly payments. Pay N Play casinos make life easier for players with fast, uncomplicated withdrawals. Pay N Play has no hidden fees, the payment option is free, and you can rely upon a robust, secure system from the reliable and reputable brand Trustly.

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