The Perfect Casino Attire – Does It Exist?

If you’re not a regular at a casino or you are, in fact, attending a casino for the first time, knowing what outfit to wear when attending can be a daunting task for many. You have a vague memory of a film you watched where a spy or assassin infiltrates a casino, dressed in a beautiful, black tuxedo, or a stunning, red dress, but how realistic is this portrayal?
Well, with any luck, you’ll be a bit less worried about your choice of attire by the end of this article.

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Busting The Myths

If you debut at a daytime casino in the most expensive tuxedo or ball gown you could buy, you might find that the regulars and high rollers can spot you sticking out like a sore thumb. In most casinos, you’d probably be unnecessarily overdressed; it’s like putting your shoes, suit, and poker-face on to go play games on the online casino at Paddy Power Games – its just not necessary.
Its also worth mentioning that you don’t have to be a Russian assassin or bureaucratic spy to attend a casino, despite what the film industry may tell you.

Do Your Research

Like any event or venue, the dress code depends on the formality of the place, the type of people in attendance, and the financial value of the place. This is stuff you can find out about online on the venues website beforehand to get a better understanding of the vibe, before you turn up in your Sunday best, surrounded by dozens in joggers and hoodies.

The Do-Nots!

With any kind of thing like this, there’s a series of unwritten rules which you should know, at the threat of being kicked out upon arrival – the obvious ones:

  • No crocs, flip-flops, or sandals – Come on, use your head, ladies and gentlemen.
  • No trainers or sneakers – This is an establishment not a running race.
  • No dirty or torn-up clothing – You’re not Kanye, get a whole pair of jeans.

There’s a ton of other feats that will get you kicked out of a casino, like the five detailed in the the digital guide by Online Casinopedia, but we can’t cover all of them, so, use your head and don’t get booted out!

The Dos!

Again, this is an established social event, so there’s an unwritten bar for these kind of things that you should be somewhat aware of, but here’s some things you definitely want to do:

  • Choose your outfit depending on the date and time of visit.
  • Do your research! Check out the website, ask friends who have been before, etc.
  • Overestimate the formality rather than underestimate.

Additional Things To Bear In Mind

Sometimes venues will give a clear outline of what they expect their visitors to wear so that any fashion mishaps, like the ones detailed in the article on Fashion Bomb Daily’s page, are avoided wherever possible. This allows for a smooth running of a night in the casino, and greatly reduces your chance of causing any trouble.

If you plan on entering the VIP sections or lounges (good for you, for starters), your attire might need to be a tad more formal than what you had planned for the main casino. This is the holy grail of the casino space, after all.

With that in mind, hopefully, you have a bit of a clearer picture as to what you should wear for your night in the casino. Looking the part helps you feel the part, and it might just help you to play the part too. Good luck, and look smart while you do it.

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