When James Bond Returns In 2019 – Will He Find His Way Into A Casino?

The 25th James Bond film in the series is set for release in 2019. MGM Studios and Eon Productions made the announcement recently, and the initial date is slated for November 2019. There’s little information about the plot or even who will be playing the iconic British spy, but there is strong evidence that Daniel Craig will return for his fifth effort to bring James Bond to life on the big screen. If gambling or casino play is not part of this edition’s plot, it will certainly be a disappointment for die-hard fans who love the intrigue that Mr. Bond brings to the tables.

There Have Been Several Great Casino Scenes In Bond Films

Casinos have played a pivotal role in several bond films through the years, with some of the top movies being at the apex of many Bond fans’ ‘greatest’ list. 2006’s Casino Royale introduced us to Daniel Craig as Bond and in that film was a power-packed casino scene with the spy giant gambling for his life and calling the pivotal bluff of the arch villain.

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Casino Gaming’s Appeal In Films

There have been many of the greatest casino movies of all time that continue to provide great allure. It often has to do with the appeal of the games themselves. Just about any top 10 gambling movies list will include Rounders, Ocean’s Eleven, and the aptly titled ‘Casino’ with Robert DeNiro and Joe Pesci.

Casino Royale, though, built up throughout the film to the climactic (at least in regard to gambling) showdown with $1,000,000 big blind between Bond, the super villain, and a few other players. While there were several details that didn’t quite add up and for which the avid poker player would certainly have picked up on, it was an intense scene that harkens to the thrill many people get playing casino games with whatever blind is in play.

The More Realistic Hand

Earlier in Casino Royale, Bond was faced with much lower blinds and a smaller pot and while he was holding a much more realistic hand, his confidence was triggered by the notion he had a good bead on Le Chiffre’s ‘tell.’ For those who aren’t familiar with the terminology, a ‘tell’ is some kind of physical, but subconscious, behavior that indicates whether someone is truly excited (having a great hand) or nervous (trying to bluff their way out of a bad bet).

During this scene, Bond thought he figured out the tell, but discovered he was wrong. This forced a bit of humility into the agent, but it also heightened the suspense for the viewer, knowing that Bond doesn’t win all the time and providing some realism as far as overall poker hands are concerned.

What We’re Hoping For

James Bond is synonymous with high powered villains, exquisite women, and gambling. We do hope this next installment in the franchise includes some great casino action to heighten the intensity that usually comes along for the ride in Bond films.

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When James Bond Returns In 2019 – Will He Find His Way Into A Casino?

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