Places You Should Not Miss Out On When You Are Traveling To Thailand

Thailand has emerged as one of the most popular tourists, especially among western travelers. Some of the key reasons why Thailand has grown immensely popular include the countries colorful and rich culture, unexplored and untouched natural beauty, pristine beaches that are much cheaper to explore than some of the most popular beach destinations in the world and of course its tropical climate that stays consistent throughout the year.

With the government’s keen interest in developing tourism, Thailand is no more about one or two cities and towns but has not become a very diverse tourist destination today. With a wide range of activities and attractions that the country offers it often becomes difficult for travelers to pick the must-see destinations and to decide what to drop. Here are some of the key tourist destinations in the country that you should not miss out by any means.

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Phuket is by far one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country. Phuket is the largest and the most developed island in the country after its metropolitan capital. The town is primarily known for its pristine beaches and abundance of natural forests.

Phuket is not about just a single beach, but a series of beaches and each one of them has something distinctive that makes them stand out from each other. You will find everything from a very lively and happening Patong Beach, too much more secluded and exotic Kata and Karon beach.

Besides the beaches, Phuket is home to some of the best attractions in the country such as the lively Bangla Street, junketing tracking and elephant safaris white water rafting, waterfalls, nightclubs and performances, and water sports. Phuket is also home to the famous Maya Bay which was the popular shooting location for the blockbuster Hollywood movie the beach.

Koh Samui

While there are no doubts about the natural beauty of Phuket, the town has been greatly commercialized and clouded over the years. If you are in Thailand but are still looking for something very exclusive and exotic then Ko Samui should be your best bet. Koh Samui is relatively newly developed and a bit pricier tourist destination of the country but the extra cost is worth every penny.

The town is greener with much more sustained natural forests that give you a roll and explored white and make you feel closer to nature. There are beautiful emerald waters of the Andaman Sea dotted with soft sandy white beaches with lush green rain forests and mountains in the back bedroom.

You can book yourself a beautiful beach resort on the edge of a cliff overlooking the turquoise waters of the sea. Besides natural beauty the town is abundant and attractions and sightseeing options such as the words of ancient Chinese temple’s elephant trekking and zip lining.


Although Bangkok is not really a natural beauty and is essentially the capital city of the country, however, that does not undermine its importance as a great tourist destination. Bangkok is home to some of the best food varieties of the world, amazing shopping options, exciting attractions and sightseeing tours, and above all some Crazy entertainment and nightlife. You can book yourself some great Bangkok tours via to explore attractions within the city as well as the towns neighboring the Metropolitan.

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