How To Play Online Casino Games With No Deposit Required

Even the most risk-averse web surfer or TV viewer will be aware that online casinos are constantly trying to attract business with no deposit bonuses. These freebies come in the form of cash credits – usually small amounts – that can be played as soon as you sign up, and whilst it sounds too good to be true you can actually win real cash from these bonuses and withdraw what you make.

There are, of course, some caveats. Not because casinos are inherently dishonest, but because if they didn’t build in some safeguards millions of players would simply sign up, withdraw the bonus and never play.

You’ll have to meet some wagering requirements, which means gambling a stated amount before you’re allowed to make withdrawals. This will be a multiple of the bonus, usually around 35 or 40 times.

Casinos Want You To Play Slots – But You Don’t Have To

Casinos, though, like you to spend your bonuses on slots. None of them will ever openly admit it, but it’s blindingly obvious as soon as you read their bonus terms and conditions. Why? The answer’s simple: [pullquote]Over the short term, you’re less likely to luck out on a slot[/pullquote], which means they’re more likely to get back the no deposit bonus money that they gave you.

The trouble is, not all aspiring casino players want to spend their leisure time repeatedly banging away on a slot machine’s spin button. It isn’t, when all’s said and done, very James Bond is it? Many of us associate slots with hapless youths in pubs gambling away their beer money, or old ladies in Vegas sitting in chairs with giant branded tubs of coins and a glove to avoid germs and blisters.

Enjoy A Genuine Casino Floor Experience At Home Or On The Move

More and more web-based players are becoming aware that ‘proper’ casino floor games are now a reality. There are a number of specialist streaming providers like Playtech and Evolution Gaming who offer services via large and well-respected online casinos, and that means you can enjoy a trip to a ‘real’ casino no matter where you are or what you’re wearing.

These operators use purpose-built casino studios that are just like the Real Thing, though in many ways they’re far superior. They offer Roulette, Blackjack, and Baccarat as a default with newer games often making an appearance like Casino Hold ‘Em, Three Card Poker, and Sic Bo. Play at these casinos, though, and you’ll be given the benefit of multiple camera angles, close-ups when appropriate – and you’ll never have a problem finding a seat.

For online casinos, though, these games can represent a risk. High rollers wagering thousands at a time can double their money with just one successful outside bet on a Roulette wheel, and it’s not unknown for lucky Baccarat players to take down an entire casino. That’s unlikely to happen to a slots player, who can expect to wager for many hundreds of hours before that all-important jackpot win comes in.

Online casinos therefore tend to penalize table players when it comes to no deposit bonuses. They’re happy to let them on board with their own money – after all, casinos wouldn’t offer table games if they weren’t profitable – but risking millions of their own bonus cash by letting people enjoy the low odds that come with tables?

Where There’s Demand, There’s Always A Solution

Some casinos simply exclude table game players, but others do in fact have a more enlightened approach. What they do is look carefully at the type of games they’d rather you didn’t play and give them a loading factor – known as game weightings – to ensure that you need to wager more in order to meet their playthrough requirements. For example, it’s common for live roulette players to have to wager five times more than slots players before their bonus and any associated winnings are eligible for release.

Finding gaming sites that will let you use a free bonus to play at the tables can be a challenge in itself, but there are resources – such as no deposit bonus page which features a large number of casinos that will let you do just that. So if you want to mingle with the elite next time you fancy an online flutter but are a little short of cash, then don’t worry – it’s more feasible than you might think.

How To Play Casino Games With No Deposit Required

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