Posters: Apparently Star Wars Was Very Different In Hungary

I love it when people add some creativity to what otherwise would be the usual ordinary thing.  It’s like a gust of fresh air.  Sure, if it’s too out there, it makes it all odd and awkward, but every now and then, you stumble over something that is truly magnificent.  You don’t have to be a hardcore fan to know that a poster depicts something from the movies you love.  However, if you have seen the movie many times, you will probably and most likely find whatever it is that was out of place in a movie poster.  A poster is, after all, showing what the movie will entail if only in one single picture.  Making posters is an art, and it’s a mastery to make them as intriguing as possible to attract movie goers.

The original Star Wars series has some really original and quite epic movie posters that pretty much everyone will recognize.  But, in Hungary, they apparently got a different version of the Star Wars movies than we had the pleasure of watching.

My first thought is that I would totally love to see these versions of Star Wars.  I mean, really, they apparently had dragons and a whole different Darth Vader.  The whole feel of the movie was truly gritty and awesome as well.  It’s times like these that I truly wish I had lived in Hungary when Star Wars came out.  But then again, the questions keep popping up.  Why would you alter the posters so much that you no longer really know what movie it is?  It’s brilliant, yes, but ultimately awkward.

Odd Star Wars Movie Posters

Odd Star Wars Movie Posters

Odd Star Wars Movie Posters

Via: [Buzzfeed]