The Scariest Video On YouTube – Not For The Faint-Hearted

While you aimlessly browse the internet there are many out there who are achieving rare feats. These extremely talented souls are hanging from the ledges of skyscrapers single-handedly and are performing some acrobatic stunts while they are at it. Do not believe us? We have evidence, thanks to the video compilation created by Scoreback. This is possibly the scariest video you will ever watch, so if you are faint hearted, it would be best to click away while you are still safe! These seemingly suicidal acts are apparently the latest trend in the world of extreme sports. Irresponsible behavior or super cool performances, we leave it for you to decide.

[pullquote]The “stunts” in this, possibly the scariest video on YouTube, is nothing less than mind-blowing.[/pullquote] Walking on the edge of a narrow wall, gazillion feet above the ground, is an ultimate thrill. Who needs a safety harness when you are Spiderman? You can also dangle down from the top of a building with your most dependable friend holding on to your hand. Make sure to pick one who doesn’t hold any grudges against you, else the friendship might suffer a mighty fall, literally. If hanging down from the roofs of buildings is too mainstream for you then take your bike along. The bike will at least cushion your fall if you do lose your balance. Lovers kissing atop sky-high scaffolding make for Instagram goals. The picture will most definitely go viral.

However, we would suggest photoshopping the scary background into a regular photo! Let’s test our tightrope walking skills on a metal frame that juts out of a building, whoops, almost lost him there! Time to make up for skipping the gym, these metal bars are excellent for some mid- air pull ups. Come on, let’s work those muscles.

The next lad has chosen to climb a gigantic structure in the middle of a pool, for an epic selfie. We sincerely hope that he knows how to swim. Slow walking, brisk walking, skateboarding, handstands, there is nothing you cannot do with one foot swinging towards death. Why would someone put their life at risk for pulling such stunts, an adrenaline rush? More like a truckload of adrenaline. We would recommend sticking to a roller coaster ride instead. You know that you can lie on your Tinder profile instead of actually performing these insane acts. After all, what is the use of a right swipe when you are long gone?

We do understand that by showing you the scariest video on YouTube we add to the craziness. However, thanks to the power of YouTube, these brave specimens are encouraging several others to follow their lead. Also, who are these people who are willingly filming them? And aren’t there any laws against performing a death ballet on top of buildings? It might be a good idea to search for a video of failed attempts before you make up your mind regarding this unique sport. This is less of an adventure and more of a suicide note. You have been warned not to try this at home, or anywhere else for that matter. However, if you are crazy enough to want to play with your life then do carry a camera along. Dead or alive, you could become the next internet sensation! – Have a look at more amazing videos on YouTube here.

The Scariest Video On YouTube – You’ve Been Warned!

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