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The gaming industry is a booming one and it’s one ever in flux. What people are playing, how they’re playing, what they’re looking for from their experience, and the culture stemming from those answers are incredibly dynamic. Within the iGaming sector, this is perhaps even truer, and that can make everything hard to keep up with – for gamers and operators alike.

However, there’s a new(er) name in town that’s here to not only help showcase what’s what but also offer us new ways to play, pitch, and plan for the future ahead. And the ones leading the charge: SiGMA – the company behind the brand new SiGMA Play and the world’s premier iGaming festival.

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What Is SiGMA?

Haven’t heard of the SiGMA before? Well, for those who are still out of the loop, SiGMA is one of the biggest companies within the iGaming sphere. Originally created about eight years ago, SiGMA’s inception was meant to merely promote and educate people on the industry on the local level – to share how gambling games can be safe, fun, and responsible for everyone on all sides of the table.

The result of this effort was a small iGaming conference held at the Intercontinental Malta. However, SiGMA has since grown astronomically, expanding itself into one of the very best in the business. Now hosting iGaming summits, festivals, and related events that regularly gather over 15,000 people from all across the globe, SiGMA is a testament to what passion and knowledge can accomplish, and they’re still just getting started.

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Getting Into The Festive Spirit

SiGMA, despite only having been around for less than a decade, has accomplished a lot. Yet, this iGaming company’s biggest and brightest claims to fame probably lie within their fierce festivals - huge events welcoming attendees to relax, learn, and celebrate all in one place with some of iGaming’s most influential and well-known names right alongside them.

This year and 2023’s upcoming summits are set to become another addition to this grand tradition, although they’re still going to be anything other than another day at the figurative office.

No longer just a local name, SiGMA’s reach is spanning all the major corners of our world. The Americas, Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Balkans will each have a summit, truly earning SiGMA the title of the World’s top iGaming festival. Curious what you can expect at one of these massive gatherings? The short answer is: a lot!

Unlike some of the other gaming festivals out there, SiGMA’s are anything but one note. Naturally, there are tours, tournaments, and large multi-hour exhibitions that allow you to get hands-on in all the fun from gambling game giants and small, upcoming outfits in equal measures. But that’s really just the tip of the iceberg.

SiGMA.World brings a ton of other stuff to the table, too. Networking opportunities are especially abound as are educational talks, workshops, and Masterclasses crafted to cover all levels of knowledge and nearly every interest under the sun.

Seriously – the topics included on each festival’s agenda are incredibly varied. Whether you’re wanting to know more about raising funds for a crypto-centric startup, discover recent trends in tribal gaming, get practical tips on how to scale your blockchain business, or simply get up-to-date on the latest regulations and restrictions, you’ll find it here.

And in case you were worried, every SiGMA festival receives the VIP treatment. This is not a situation where one location is favored over another. SiGMA’s known as the world’s iGaming festival for a reason! Every location receives a great deal of attention and thought, each featuring the same quality receptions, speakers, pitch opportunities, official parties, etc. as all the others - just tailored to local interests and needs.

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Power To The Players

SiGMA’s impressive festivals are certainly sights to be seen, yet they’re far from the only things the young company has to offer. In fact, SiGMA’s actually recently made big strides to make their knowledge, industry experience, and connections available to a broader audience than just those able to attend their multi-day conferences. The way they’ve done this: their new project SiGMA Play.

Play is essentially SiGMA’s move to give power to the players, to assist them in their mission of playing while ensuring they’re able to do so safely and at quality online establishments. On a more basic, practical level, SiGMA’s done this by essentially creating a huge resource full of everything a new (or even returning) iGaming player could possibly need to know. For starters, like where where they should even be gambling or betting in the first place.

SiGMA’s new World/Play segment actually outlines that in easy-to-read and refer black and white. It includes a wide selection of handpicked and carefully curated sites that the company itself trusts, forming a sort of gambling game catalogue that’s a one-stop-shop – no need to look elsewhere for top sites or games, because they’re all here!

On top of offering a library of great online casinos and betting spaces, SiGMA’s new Play project also goes in-depth on a range of topics that’ll be sure to benefit any player, regardless of what specifically they’re looking for. Kind of like the IGN of iGaming, you can expect complete guides, how-tos, advice columns, and reviews, all with the aim of keeping you from going through the trial and error that so many gamers have had to experience prior. In short, it’s an amazing resource that any player should be sure to check out.

More into betting on sports than working the online casinos? Rest assured, you’ll still get a ton out of SiGMA Play. There are already several strategy guides ready for reading as well as solid introductions to the practice and a quick overview of past and current legislation that will ultimately affect you as a player. As we said, it’s a useful asset and it’s one that any and iGamers can benefit from having in their proverbial back pocket.

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