How Technology Fueled One Of The Best Scare Pranks Ever

It seems it is getting easier and easier to prank someone in this technology infused society of ours. We have newspapers, news television broadcasts, social media and a whole lot more outlets that instantly tell us if something has happened throughout the world. The key word here is “instantly.” Why? Because technology has made it possible to spread news at almost an alarming pace. Can it also be used for something humorous? Well, it was the vehicle for one of the best scare pranks to date.

The mastermind behind this epic scare prank is Nivea. They decided to come up with a campaign that would leave no one safe. or at least make them feel that way. Boy is it a scare prank that will keep you on the edge of your seat, literally. The cool part about it is that technology played a huge role in how it was all executed. As a matter of fact, it was what made this prank possible at all.

So was it a successful campaign and will people remember it? That is pretty much what a brand looks for when they tailor their advertising campaign. They want to be remembered. Well, let’s just say that when the people who were the subject of this grand scheme and elaborate use of technology have a minute to take it all in, they will probably remember it for, oh…for about the remainder of their entire lives. When it comes to scare pranks, the best ones are the ones that leave you clueless during the prank itself. That gives you even more time to keep the prank going, while the object of the prank is still trying to figure out what the heck is going on.

I could easily sit here and tell you exactly what is going to happen, but what fun would that be, right? Just have a look at this advertising campaign masterminded by the minds over at Nivea (or the agency they hired to put this all together) and smile. That is exactly what everyone does who found themselves in the middle of this roller coaster of insane events. How would you have reacted?

Nivea’s Genius Scare Prank Advertising Campaign