The Evolution Of The Avengers [Infographic]

If you like to read comic books, this infographic is going to be so nostaligic for you. It was for me. It brings back so many good memories. I actually remember seeing Captain America in some old comic books back when his shield was not round. Also, do you remember when Hulk wasn’t green? That must have been before my time since I remember seeing a green hulk even when I was very young.

Marvel Comics often give their superheroes updated looks as time goes by, and we’ve written about that before. It’s always fun to see their evolution since each step of their geeky greatness corresponds with different events in our own lives. I can look at one picture and a flood of memories fills my mind. To me, Iron Man seems like he’s gone through the biggest transformation though. He went from being a boring silver iron man to being a hot, sexy modern day superhero. Of course, I’m sure Robert Downey, Jr. has a lot to do with my perception of him.

This comic book style infographic was created by Costume Discounters. I really like how they even added a few “lost but not forgotten” avengers on here too. Very nice! I would like to see this same type of infographic created for the Justice League. We saw that a little bit with Every Significant Bat-Suit Ever Made. I also found a great little slideshow on an old New York Times article which shows the Evolution Of Wonder Woman.


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