The Exorcist & The Social Network Explained In 60 Seconds

It seems like nowadays for every popular movie, you can find a mini version on YouTube. Sometimes it is just a spoof, but if it’s well thought out, and short, those little videos can be very entertaining. For example, when a Japanese woman explained Titanic in less than 2 minutes, it was awesome. The graphics alone made it worth watching.

The Jameson Empire Awards is an entity that celebrates these mini video versions of films, and they’ve recently released their shortlist of videos which will compete for the 2011 awards. The only rule is that the part of the video that shows the film can only be 60 seconds. The entries are all fabulous, and very creative.

I’ve chosen my two favorites to share with you here. The first is a clay version of the 1973 classic The Exorcist.  It was made completely with clay (even the green puke). I never thought that movie would make me laugh until now. It usually makes me cover my eyes, plug my ears and run out of the room traumatized. My second favorite is the 60 second version of The Social Network. If you haven’t seen that movie yet, you can skip it. Get the gist of it in this one-minute version and save twenty bucks. There is also a 60 second version of Star Trek: The Wrath Of Khan and Predator that are pretty good. You can check them all out on Empire Online. So here ya go, two movies for you to watch during your lunch break. That’s what I call good time management!

The Exorcist In 60 Seconds

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