This Smooth Criminal Cover Will Mess With Your Head

Growing up I listened to my share of Michael Jackson (bless his soul) songs and became mesmerized by the lyrics just like everyone else. His songs have evolved into different meanings for pretty much everyone that has listened to them from the time they were kids all they way up until they are adults. Ever since Michael died (and of course before as well) there has been a landslide of covers springing up on the Internet, and most don’t even come close to the originals. It’s the ones that are not trying to be copycats that actually grab our attention and go viral. Diana wrote an article about a couple cello players doing the Smooth Criminal song in an awesomely fresh way.

It’s when you go original that things start to evolve, we all know that. Nobody remembers a second copycat and that’s exactly what YouTube user MysteryGuitarMan knows. He has a different take on one of Michael Jackson’s most memorable songs, Smooth Criminal. At first you will go “What the f–k is this guy doing!!!” Further into the song, you will notice something quite odd, he stops in the middle of what he’s doing and then the magic happens.

I am not going to tell you what happens but when you keep watching you will go, “WTF! This is AWESOME!! How the hell did he do that!” That’s when you suddenly realize that you were initially fooled into thinking this guy is totally talentless. You might even have thought for a brief second that even I had gone mad and actually liked something so pointlessly worthless. That’s exactly when you feel bad and actually give the guy MAD PROPS for such an awesome and genius idea! That’s all I am saying, keep the music alive!

Supreme Cover of Smooth Criminal