Tips & Tricks For Playing Game Of The Year Contender, Resident Evil 4 Remake

The remake of the fourth installment of a survival horror video game Resident Evil was released at the end of March. The players are very satisfied, while the game developer Capcom is even more satisfied since the game has been selling in very high numbers since the very beginning.

If Capcom’s claim of over three million units sold in the first two days of release is true, it would make the game the second fastest in the series to reach that milestone. Resident Evil 6 from 2012 was the only game to sell more quickly, shipping 4.5 million copies in just two days.

That record was broken by Monster Hunter: World in 2018 when six million copies were sent during the same period of time. In late July, the developer published it sold five million copies of RE4 Remake, which is almost the entire population of Ireland or New Zealand.

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These numbers should not come as a surprise given that the original version, Resident Evil 4, which was launched in 2005, sold an incredible 12.3 million units by December 2022, winning several Game of the Year awards. The remake is following the footsteps of the original game.

Now, in order to be an even better player and to get the most out of Resident Evil 4 Remake, it is good to know many little things, secrets, and tricks. What little things and secrets it is about? Read below.

Use The Knife Carefully And Repair It Regularly

The knife is no longer an unlimited-use item in Remake and can wear out and break while using it. Parrying attacks with timely button presses and finishing off enemies all affect the durability of the knife, so you need to pay attention to this. Bottom line, take care of how often you use the knife and of course repair it when necessary. All of these can mean the difference between life and death in the game.

Research Each Area Thoroughly

Resident Evil 4 Remake offers even more exploration than the original game, so take advantage of this whenever you can. Each area, after you have cleared it of enemies, ought to be explored because this way, you can find many hidden objects, which are not visible at first glance.

Medallions, sapphires, yellow herbs, and other items that are not immediately lying in the open will come in very handy, especially if you are trying to solve as many quests as possible. For this reason, do not rush, especially when playing the game for the first time. Explore every corner of every area well (and especially the lake that hides many secrets).

Don’t Immediately Sell The Gemstones You Find

Gemstones are valuable in any form, both when you sell them alone and when you set them in certain items, such as pearl pendants, luxury beryls, etc. But here is one very important thing to keep in mind: not all gemstones are worth the same.

There are certain gems in the game that are worth more than others. For example, if you put three yellow gemstones in an elegant vase, it will raise the price of that vase significantly more than if it had three blue gemstones in it.

Considering that money is a very important element in the game, it might be a good idea not to sell what you have immediately, but to be patient, because it is not the same if you sell an item for 24,000 pesetas or if you sell it for 64,000 pesetas.

Analyze Well How Enemies Attack You

First of all, you should always aim for the heads of the enemies as much as possible, to stun them and keep attacking them with Leon’s signature punch. In this regard, like the original, it is vital to take care of their hands as well.

Shooting them will cause the Ganados to drop the weapons they are using, such as flares, which can set them on fire, lit dynamite, which will explode when shot at, or even other melee weapons, which are very sharp.

Especially later, when enemies appear with maces and electric batons, shooting enemies in the arm will make fighting them a lot easier. Also, keep in mind that parrying enemies who attack with their bare hands will automatically cause their hands to be cut off, which is even more useful as you will avoid any capture.

See An Enemy Twitching Strangely On The Ground? Finish Them Off With A Knife (If You Possess One)

During the game, it may happen that enemies, after you have defeated or killed them, get up again and attack you. There are also hints that this will happen: if a Ganado starts twitching strangely on the floor after you knock it down, use the knife on it immediately. Otherwise, he will get up, and be more aggressive than before, and even though he will look like his neck is broken, he will attack you again.

Some call this version of the enemy the “Crimson Head“ version. Later, as you progress through the game, those enemies with broken necks will become less and less, they will be replaced by another version of the same enemies. But in the beginning, whenever you see a Ganado twitching strangely on the floor, finish him off with the knife.

The Merchant Will Warn You Of Points Of No Return In The Game

The Merchant in RE4 Remake is even more talkative than The Merchant from the original game; a lot of times, they will give you useful advice, and some of those pieces of advice are about points of no return.

The structure of the story this time is slightly different compared to the original. While the big picture of most areas will be instantly familiar to you if you have played the original, there are moments of no return that you may not recognize.

If you are trying to complete all the quests or collect both treasure and collectibles in one go, it would not hurt to make a backup copy of your saved game position, because if you missed something, you can always go back to your previous saves and explore the areas again in search of secrets.

You Can Even Make Some Enemies Fight Each Other

RE4 Remake comes with some new special enemies that were not present in the original, which may sound scary. The upside is that you can if you are skilled enough, use these enemies to your advantage. Most of them have a tendency to be very aggressive, charging towards Leon or using their big weapons to close the distance between them and you as quickly as possible.

You can use all of this to your advantage: for example, an enemy who likes to swing his giant sledgehammer around can very easily engage you, and if that happens…. Well, suffice it to say that on Hardcore difficulty, one such blow is enough for Leon’s health status to go from green to red in one moment. But if you are skilled enough, you can get that enemy to hit the other enemies, who are running around you and after you, with that big mallet instead of Leon.

Body Armor Is Good, But Not Great, Especially Not The First Time You Play The Game

At one point in the game, The Merchant will offer you the option of buying body armor. This in itself is OK, as the body armor further protects Leon from blows and impacts, which means you can further extend the life of your playable character. But honestly, the first time you play the game, especially if you play it on Hardcore difficulty, we do not recommend buying body armor.

Unlike the original sequel, in which the bulletproof vest protects you once and for all after you bought it, i.e. Leon will take 35% less damage after you bought it, this is not the case in RE4 Remake.

Here, you will need to repair the bulletproof vest as well as the knife, and in moments when every “pta“ is essential to you, we think it is better to invest money in other things and relies on herbs and sprays, rather than on bulletproof vests.

Try To Always Keep At Least One Green Herb In Your Inventory

Try to save at least one red or green herb until you can combine them with the yellow one, as this will not only heal you completely but will permanently raise your maximum health level. Instead, use first aid sprays and food items, such as eggs, that you can find on the ground. If you need to use a herb, only use one green at a time.

You can now defuse explosive traps and destroy wooden barrels and crates by walking up to them and pressing X, A, or the left mouse button, depending on which platform you are playing the game on

You can defuse explosive traps by crouching and deactivating them manually. You do not have to shoot them anymore. Do not waste ammo or time pulling out a knife when you spot a crate or barrel; Leon can simply kick them to reveal their contents.

Save Ammo, And Don’t Forget To Use Stealth When Possible

Aim for the head and knees, which will make the Ganados stagger, and when the white marker flickers above their head, you can hit them for extra damage. For example, if you hit a staggered Ganados who is near a few more after Leo does his kick, you can take down multiple opponents with one hit.

New in the Remake is the ability to kill opponents unnoticed with your knife or to kill opponents in stealth mode. So, with one attack, you can instantly kill one regular enemy. But keep in mind that you will also use up the durability of your knives in this way; you cannot repair kitchen knives, but you can repair your knife, which Leon starts the game with.

You Can Now Cause Enemies To Get Trapped As Well

Another novelty in RE4 Remake is that Ganados can also be caught in bear traps, which are set for Leon. Whether it is bear traps or explosives, if you are skilled you can lure Ganados into a trap.

If a Ganado gets caught in a bear trap, this will allow you to take him down very quickly (or deal a lot of damage, as is the case with those Ganados wearing cow heads, for example).

Horror Games: The Genre Which Is A Goldmine For Gaming Content

One of the main genres of game content creation is horror gaming. Viewers come every year to recount their scares with their preferred creators, even when it is not Halloween time. Best feature? For marketers looking to get into scary game content, there is not much competition.

When considering the most popular games on Twitch and YouTube, we usually consider MOBAs (like League of Legends and Dota 2), competitive shooters (like Fortnite and CS: GO, which is now called CS2), and classic streaming titles (like Grand Theft Auto V or Minecraft).

These have easily entered the eSports scene and consequently became appealing for betting at specialized platforms, such as the best AstroPay bookmakers in 2023 here and alike. But there is one genre that is deserving of consideration: horror.

The data speaks for itself. As of this writing, the cooperative multiplayer ghost hunter game Phasmophobia, which debuted in September, had around 78.3 thousand concurrent viewers on average during the previous month as per TwitchTracker.

Popular YouTubers Markiplier and Jacksepticeye, meanwhile, have amassed over three million and over two million views, respectively, for their Phasmophobia videos. For instance, after consistently increasing throughout the year, the multiplayer horror shooter Dead by Daylight saw an average monthly concurrent audience of over 29.8 thousand in August and September. You got the number of copies sold for Resident Evil 4 Remake earlier in the article.

An essential component of the ecosystem of gaming content has always been horror games. They had a crucial role in developing the “Let’s Play“ format for YouTube gameplay videos, which helped launch some of the most well-known game developers on the globe into early success.

With more than 14.1 billion views on YouTube, Markiplier began by posting Let’s Play of the survival horror video game Amnesia: The Dark Descent. Owning the second-most subscribed channel on the platform, Pewdiepie first gained notoriety by sharing videos of himself playing horror games like The Last of Us and Amnesia.

So why the horror? To begin with, horror games give streamers and YouTubers a constant supply of chances to entertain their audience. Every action scene, inadvertent death, and jump scare increases the emotional stakes and allows the producers to respond artistically, bringing the audience closer. Furthermore, horror games are usually easy to watch because of their narrative focus.

Playdates naturally produce suspenseful moments, making them ideal for episodic television. Anyone who cannot stand playing the game alone will find Let’s Plays especially enticing as they offer a way to experience games vicariously. All things considered, the genre is a treasure trove of gaming material, and innovative titles like Phasmophobia will keep it growing.

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