Top 5 Online Casinos In Atlantic City Worth Checking Out

Las Vegas might hold on to the name “sin city”, but if you’re in for the ultimate gambling experience, Atlantic City is your destination. Due to a turbulent legal past, this city has shut down and reopened its casinos several times. As it seems, passing laws is a serious deal for Atlantic City legislatures.

Nonetheless, once casinos have established their place among other businesses in the area, a new goal appeared. The rise of the Internet prompted them to go online, which is how the battle for casino sites began. A couple of negotiations and compromises later, Atlantic City online casinos appeared fresh out of the existing brick-and-mortar ones.

It’s safe to say that the most prominent ones easily found their way around the competition and rose above it.

5. Virgin NJ Online Casino

The first casino on the list is known for several, yet all unique offers. For one, this online casino could be said to have the most professional outward appearance which still manages to provide transparent info. Reaching the bonus section, you are greeted by a unique deposit offer which they like to associate with ‘real cash.’

Check out their gambling site or iOS mobile app for the widest selection of games, some as rare as they come.

4. Golden Nugget Online NJ Casino

Any real gambling fan is familiar with the Golden Nugget brand, available in Las Vegas and Atlantic City. Now, its website makes it accessible across New Jersey. The Golden Nugget Online Casino can be noted for its deposit options which might be said to topple the Virgin’s.

Other than that, it offers a great range of game selection, solely missing out on Craps. With its extensive mobile platform, it also provides quality online gambling on-the-go.

3. Betfair NJ Online Casino

Betfair’s long history places their online casino in the frontlines, with slots variety leading the way. Although it is widely famous for many popular slot machines solely found on their website, it manages to attract players with their generous rewards and promotions.

Still, the sign-up bonus is their most attractive offer, overriding the previous one by 50% when it comes to the upper limit of the winnings.

2. Caesars Online NJ Casino

This online casino is recognized for the name it holds in the entertainment industry. Along with other businesses, this company is mostly associated with glitz and glamor, which often attract the richest gamblers to their chambers.

Their signup bonus is a bit lower than the rest, while the remaining offers crossover with the brick-and-mortar casino. However, they do manage to provide one of the best mobile gambling experiences.

1. Tropicana NJ Online Casino

The end of the countdown took us to Tropicana, which is one of the most media-exposed casinos. It offers a more than decent selection of games with standard cash back bonus option. However, it makes up for it all with a generously competitive promotion range.

As for its mobile platform users, time will tell whether they’ll get to witness the full Tropicana online gambling experience.

Top 5 Online Casinos In Atlantic City

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