Top Game Themes In 2022

With the onset of the global pandemic, we’ve seen a change in the world as we’ve never seen it before. We’ve changed how we interact with one another, where we go, what we can do, and how we pass the time. When we were stuck at home, gaming allowed us to traverse massive worlds, connect with one another, and become superheroes with incredible powers. Whatever it is, the way we game is changing for the better and gives us much to look forward to. Let’s look at the top game themes we’ll see in 2022.

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Many argue that blockchain is a fad and will eventually become worthless. But, if we look at cryptocurrency and the initial response towards it, it looks like we might be wrong again. Play-to-earn games have transformed our gaming sectors and are steadily pushing back against the negative views. While we already have titles such as Battle of Guardians and Axie Infinity, gamers can look forward to newcomers, such as Mines of Dalarnia. It might still be in its testing stages but its pre-alpha is available for playing.


When Ready Player One first aired in cinemas, it made the Metaverse seem like an ideal gaming experience. One that we won’t see for some time. But now that Facebook has declared the Metaverse to be the future, we can expect a massive influx of multiplayer games focusing on shared events, social interaction, and even cross-play games.


It’s safe to say that we have greeted the rise in superhero movies with success, and it’s no surprise that we’re seeing more of it in games. But if we’re being honest, superhero games are not new. Many of us grew up with superheroes such as Astro Boy and X-Men, so it’s no surprise that this theme would continue, especially with the rise of new heroes in the cinematic Marvel universe. One interesting fact to note as well is that superhero themes are now more prevalent in the online casino realm. Any online casino with plenty of games should feature a few in their games lobbies.

Second Generation Bangers

4K visuals and second-generation consoles have greatly enhanced our gaming experiences, making our worlds more immersive and engaging. Some of the most highly anticipated second-gen titles include Forbidden West, God of War Ragnarok, Final Fantasy XVI, and Starfield. For some of us, the upgrade to PS5 and Xbox Series S|X might seem far or unnecessary, but with the expected games to look forward to, it makes the upgrade a little easier.


The unpredictability of our global market has made some of us rethink our next steps, and that applies to our gaming as well. Many studios are choosing to stick to what they know, but making it better with the gift of reboots! We can expect to see reboots such as Prince of Persia: Sands of Time, Saints Row, and Dead Space. We take a step into a world of nostalgia with these games.


As more games are looking more lifelike than reality, many developers are instead being drawn back to the 1980s and its pixelated 2D art style. Even though this era of retro gaming takes us back to our younger days, we are seeing more adult themes within the style such as darker, moodier backgrounds, and more graphic and gory storytelling.


Role-playing games allow us to explore expansive new worlds and uncover marvelous stories and mysteries as we play the role of the lead character. It’s impossible for new games to roll out without there being an RPG included. One of the most expected RPGs is Horizon Forbidden West, where we continue the story of our powerful lead, Aloy.


There are many old themes that are still going strong throughout gaming development. But with the rapid improvement of our technology, our gaming experiences have not only advanced to more digitized services and authenticity, but also massive worlds that allow us to come together and connect, even when we’re expected to keep our distance from one another.

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