Tower of Goo

Tower of Goo is the game the birthed World of Goo.  If you have no idea what I have just said, its a game where you have to get your “goo’s” across the map and save them.  World of Goo was released a few months ago on PC and through the Wii Arcade – you can get a great demo though if you want to check it out via Steam.

But to meet the free status, which I try and do as much as possible, you can download the Tower of Goo for free.  You have to build a tower of, well, goo!  Give it ago, its more physics madness.

Design wise, World of Goo is absolutely wonderful – you should really check out that second trailer and see some of their artwork!

Get Tower of Goo here:

And this is the Creators – 2d boy – website:

Tower of Goo Gameplay:

World of Goo Trailer: