Ultra Inspiring Demo Reel By Ronald Monahan

As you guys know, I am a designer first but also a heavy fan of computer generated graphics as seen on my other site, Minervity.com. I am a CG junkie, and I keep looking at people’s skills and their work and letting myself wander deeper into the jungles of advanced techniques and tools. It’s really a lifestyle to create computer graphics cause there are so many facets to the trade that it will take you the rest of your life to acquire enough skills to satisfy yourself. What I mean is that you will never really be 100% happy with your work cause there is always someone that comes along to beat your brave attempt to rule the world.

Ronald Monahan is one of those people that will just put you where you belong, meaning at his feet wondering how the heck he managed to get those skills in the first place. His demo reel speaks for itself and leaves no question about whether he’s capable of creating your next ad or your special effects for an upcoming feature movie.

The reel is nicely put together and whenever I look at it (which I have now about 4-5 times), I always think it’s too short. You are left with the feeling that you crave more, and it’s a very unsatisfying feeling really. However, it does its job, and you will most definitely be inspired by the end of the video reel. Now get your skills out of your drawer and start pushing pixels and polygons. The wire frames aren’t created by themselves… if you don’t have employees that is… like Peter Jackson.