Unseen Star Wars Return Of The Jedi Behind The Scenes Video

It is always interesting to see the behind the scenes footage from some of the most iconic movies ever made. I am sure that in 20 years, we’ll see behind the scenes footage from Avatar and Transformers emerge from some hidden personal archive somewhere. That usually means a reboot and a few more movies in the series. We’ll see if that happens for the blockbuster movies of today. But when it comes to movies that were shot seemingly eons ago, there is still behind the scenes footage that is emerging. It seems it will never end. I am sure there are loads more out there harboring on someone’s bookshelf and only shared with friends and family. After all, these pieces of footage are becoming increasingly valuable right now.

This time around, it is a super 8 video from behind the scenes of The Return Of The Jedi that has emerged. The video is grainy, old and absolutely fantastic, if you ask me. It’s the infamous battle in the desert, and you get to see how the different parts of the battle were shot along with some minor technical special effects. The turret rotating with Princess Leia on it is absolutely badass! You never think about this stuff until you actually see how it was all done.

The footage, recorded by a guy named Jeff Broz, is a rare moving glimpse into the world of Star Wars that I don’t think we have been able to see before other than in a few old photographs. The Internet is buzzing with Star Wars, and maybe it is because George Lucas is about to retire from Star Wars and start producing smaller movies. The helm will be taken over by Kathleen Kennedy who is described by George Lucas as being the most capable person on the planet to take Lucasfilm to new heights.


Via: [I Am Bored]