Transformers: The 2,000 Pound Bumblebee Vanilla Cake

It’s always so much fun to see artists get inspired by the release of new movies. Yesterday I wrote about the stop-motion animations director who recreated the entire Cars 2 movie trailer in Lego. That was the result of several months of hard work, all inspired by a movie.

Another artist, a famous foodie known as the “Cake Boss” (Buddy Valastro) from the TLC television show, is also apparently inspired by a movie, this time around it’s Transformers: Dark Of The Moon. He and his team created a 2,000-pound Bumblebee cake to celebrate the new movie.

According to OK Magazine, “The cake consists of vanilla pound cake with butter-cream frosting. Rice Krispies treats were used to bind the cake at the critical flex points.” The cake is so big they had to build it outside, and they used hydraulics to get everything positioned just right. Surprisingly, it only took four days to create this delicious masterpiece. I don’t know what they did with this cake after it was displayed in New York for everyone to see. I hope they took it to a homeless shelter or gave it away to a community organization so a lot of people could have a huge sugar feast!

Transformers Dark Side Moon Cake

Dark Side Of Mood Cake

Dark Side Of Moon Cake

Here’s the real Bumblebee on display

Dark Side Of Moon Cake

Dark Side Of Moon Cake

Via: [Buzzfeed] [lsxtv]