Is the United States Addicted To Gaming? [Infographic]

Many of us have got lost in video games at some point or another. Hours of gaming can seem like minutes, and when time slips away from you, it’s easy to skip out on reality. But would you cancel on a date or miss a day at work to feed the habit? These are, of course, questions that might seem to have obvious answer, however, gaming has the effect to turn these answers upside down.

Online hosting providers, Westhost, recently carried out some research into the gaming habits of America which revealed that over 43% of Americans ignore their phone calls to continue to play video games, and 10% of 25-34-year-olds have canceled on a date just because they want to keep playing video games. These numbers are most likely not what you would have expected, right?

How Much Time Is Too Much Time?

[pullquote]Furthermore, the research also revealed that 15% of Americans spend more than 16 hours a week playing video games, and almost 19% spend around $50 a month on the hobby.[/pullquote] One should also keep in mind that these numbers are mos certainly much higher as some people do not want to admit how much time or money they spend on playing video games.

The data was collated into an infographic that reveals the lengths people will go to keep on playing for just that little bit longer, and some other interesting facts about America’s love for gaming.

Not too surprising, males spend more time playing video games than women do. However, this number will more than likely even out as moew women have started falling in love with video games and the culture behind it all. It’s fashionable to be geek, so to speak.

So are we addicted, or have we got it all under control? Take a look at the statistics and decide for yourself! You can view the full infographic, presented by Webhost, below.

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Is the United States Addicted To Gaming?

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US Gaming Addiction Habits Infographic

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