Personalize A Song For Your Loved Ones

One of my favorite things to do at work is create applications which will allow people to engage with friends and loved ones.  This particular one is very special for me, especially since while we were creating and developing this application, I had already gotten the job here in the US.  As a result, our team had the chance to send me personalized songs, and it was a great feeling receiving them on my mobile phone.  I remember being in the studio until 2:00 in the morning for almost 3 straight days recording songs with my copywriter.  It was a really fun experience.

The application is housed on the site Kanta Calls (Songs via Mobile).  The aim of the site is to allow users to go to the site and follow 3 simple steps.  Step 1 is to choose a genre (rap, power ballads or Kundiman).  Kundiman means “romantic” in Tagalog (a Philippine dialect).  Step 2 is to personalize and create your song by choosing from the available words provided on the site.  You can even listen to some of the sample songs before selecting the words for your song.  Then after you are finished with the words, your proceed to step 3 which is to fill out a form.  The fields include one for the mobile number of the person you want to send it to.  After you complete the 3 steps, the person you want to send it to will receive your personalized song via their mobile phone.  What is great is that all of this is offered for free.

I have included screen shots of the site for your appreciation.  The designers had a great time creating the look and feel for the site.  Most importantly, they worked hard to make sure it is very easy to use this application.  I hope you enjoy it as much as the team had fun creating it for you.

Send Your Own Personalized Song

Personalize Your Own Song