Where Can I Watch Counter-Strike: Global Offensive?

Now approaching its 9th year on the market, the third in the Counter-Strike series, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, still remains an extremely popular gaming option today. The game sees two teams, terrorists and counter-terrorists, battle it out against one another to complete different objectives, such as rescuing or defending hostages or planting or defusing bombs, and ultimately, wipe out their opponents to win.

Much like DOTA, another game brought to our consoles by game developers, Valve Corporation, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a much-loved option on the e-sports scene and millions tune in to watch Counter-Strike live events each year. There are plenty of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive tournaments and events where Counter-Strike: Global Offensive teams from across the world battle it out for glory while engaged fans watch-on excitedly. You too could tune in and enjoy the high-octane action for yourself by finding a Counter-Strike: Global Offensive stream today.

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Top Games Awarding Prize Money

As is the case with all types of e-sports, there are various Counter-Strike: Global Offensive tournaments held throughout the year, but by far the most popular is known as the Majors.

What is quite unique about this Counter-Strike: Global Offensive tournament is that rather than just one held each year, there are a series of 2-3 held annually spaced out by several months. Each held at various locations across the world. Generally, one will occur at the start of the year, while the other may happen in the Summer months, with occasionally one also being held at the latter end of the year.

The first of the Counter Strike: Global Offensive Majors was held back in 2013. During this event, $250,000 USD was on offer. However, this sum is modest in comparison to the winning amount that is now offered at these Counter-Strike: Global Offensive tournaments, where a prize pool of $1,000,000 is on offer the winning team who can fend off the 24 other teams taking part and bring home to glory.

The most recent victors were the Austrian Counter-Strike: Global Offensive team, Astralis, who won earlier this year in March. They have the joint-first most wins with a Swedish team, Fnatic with 3 each. However, the next competition is to be held over the course of August and September 2019, so we will see if this remains the case then.

Due to the fact there the stakes are so high at these competitions, there was controversy back in a  2014 Counter-Strike: Global Offensive tournament when two Counter-Strike: Global Offensive teams, iBUYPOWER, and NetCodeGuides were involved in a match-fixing scandal. This has since been referred to as “the first large match-fixing scandal” ever seen in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and resulted in the permanent expulsion of both these teams by Valve in 2017.


With the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Major tournaments happening on a couple of occasions each year and loads of other minor Counter-Strike: Global Offensive tournaments happening at various other points throughout the year, there will be plenty of opportunities to watch Counter-Strike: Global Offensive live. You can find a detailed calendar of all the upcoming matches on esportsguide.com. While the events are scattered across the globe, you can still watch Counter-Strike: Global Offensive from the comfort of your own home in various online locations.

These may include specialist Counter-Strike: Global Offensive streaming sites, Youtube channels dedicated to watching Counter-Strike: Global Offensive or even, online betting sites that allow you to watch Counter-Strike: Global Offensive too. However, whatever way you choose to watch, you will be rewarded with some of the most exciting esports action available.

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