What Every Card Game Enthusiasts Should Have

Due to the outstanding technological advances of this age, we mostly spend our days with our eyes glued to a screen, be it our laptops or mobile phone screen. Sometimes, you just need to take a breather away from electronics, and what better way to do this than to focus on a hobby?

However, we all pour our passion into different things; some love painting, others love writing, and a select few enjoy collecting playing cards. Whether you are a seasoned playing-card collector or a newbie who only has one deck, we have got you covered. You need some essentials to keep your cards in top-notch shape, impress your friends, and proudly display your collection.

So, if you are ready to take your collection to the next level, here’s a list of all the essentials you should check out.

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Card Sleeves

We will kick off our list with the most obvious thing that every card enthusiast should have: card sleeves. A card sleeve is a small pocket made of plastic or similar material that will offer your card the utmost protection. We are sure that you do not want your beautiful deck to get torn or have water spilled on it; thus, you should invest in this nifty product. You will find hundreds of various card sleeves online and in local stores. Nevertheless, if you do not find ones that appeal to you, you can customize your own at https://www.yourplaymat.com/products/custom-card-sleeves where you can get the card sleeves of your dreams. Moreover, you can personalize them even more by adding pictures or quotes that strike your fancy. This way you can protect your precious cards in style.

A Card Box

This product is to keep your cards all in one place. You may think that a dedicated box is unnecessary, as you can store your cards in an empty box you can find at any dollar store. Yet, most card boxes have a magnetic locking mechanism that stops the lid of the box from opening and prevents your cards from falling out of it. In addition, such boxes have dedicated slots in which you can insert your cards, and they also can carry up to 4 decks in separate slots.

A Card Shuffler

When you are having fun with your friends during your game night, your cards will most probably bear the brunt of your rough handling and shuffling. This is where a card shuffler enters the picture. This handy product will hold and shuffle your cards. If you are scared about the cost, then you can get a manual one whose handle you turn to shuffle the cards. On the other hand, if you want to splurge a bit on this, you might want to look into getting an automatic shuffler.


You will love these when your friendly game becomes intense and you find yourself holding too many cards at once. This is also a great idea if your palms get sweaty, and you do not want to expose your cards to moisture. Cardholders come in all shapes and sizes, but the most common ones are rack-style holders and plastic discs. Rack-style holders can be put on the table in front of you, and plastic discs enable you to hold all your cards at the same time in your hand; some cardholders can even hold the whole deck!

Card Display Cases

If you have some rare cards that you want to proudly flaunt, then you should purchase a card display case. You can put all your rare cards in it and hang it on the wall. Not only does it allow your guests to admire your cards, but it also makes for a great decorative piece. If you are not into the idea of hanging your cards on the wall, you can get a card display rack for a more inconspicuous look.

Duplicate Decks

Having two of every card is not really essential, but if you do not want to take any chances with your cards, then you should buy two of every deck. Instead of asking yourself whether you want to keep your cards for show or actually play with them, you can have one that you display and another for your game nights. This way you can focus on having fun without fear of ruining your deck.

Being a card game enthusiast is definitely unique. You get to display your collection and have fun arranging unforgettable game nights. Cards offer you a chance to connect with your friends and family while playing. If you take this hobby seriously though, you should invest in some card sleeves, and card boxes to protect your cards from any damage. In no time, you will be the ace of spades of the playing cards collecting game.

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