What If Games Had Movie Posters…

If you are a gamer of any amplitude, you know that the graphics and experience are everything in a game. Sound, of course, comes with it too, but you wouldn’t be mesmerized by a game if it were not for the graphics or the experience. Games like Call of Duty and Gran Turismo are games that totally bear the trademarks of graphic awesomeness. Then there are games that we play just because they offer such a great experience. Tetris and Minecraft are games in that vein, and more are being developed every day.

However, what if games had movie posters just like… well, movies? What would they look like? Would they impress us to the point where we would actually buy the game because of it? In my opinion, they would. I watched Inception just because of the poster, and what I had heard people say about the movie.

Ron Gayatt is one of those people who totally geeks out in his art, inspiring us to think differently. With his awesome work, he reminds us that you can still poke at our attention by just looking at a graphical poster instead of trailers that probably just showcase the most awesome bits and parts of the games themselves.