When Girls & Guys Trade Places At The Club

It’s a fact that men behave differently than women do when they are out in a club partying. I have to admit though that it’s been pretty much ages ago since I’ve had the opportunity to party. The exciting work around here at Bit Rebels is hogging all my attention, but I shouldn’t complain, right? Well, the fact still remains that men and women really are two different species. At least if you consider the saying that women are from Venus and men from Mars. What if we traded places just for a night, what then? I think Diana touched on this subject no too long ago with a daring photo session of some kind. So let’s build on that thought for a second.

A short movie directed by Jay Diaz called “The Flip Side” is not only an interesting look at how the world would look like if women were like men and men were like women, but it is also a devilishly funny video overall. I kept laughing and nodding my head through the whole thing, and I promise it won’t escape you that these behaviors must have come from somewhere, right? Well, they are actually depicting… you! All of us!

It could take your entire life to figure out why it is that we keep being so far apart and yet so close, so let’s not delve into that. Just look through this video and count silently to yourself just how many of these behaviors you harbor. It’s more than one, I tell you. Now, what is the purpose of this video anyway? I guess its purpose is the same as any other movie that you have ever seen, to entertain us all. It certainly lives up to that, and I think even though it has already gone viral, to some extent, it still has some life in it. I have checked it out at least three times already. This is some funny shit!


Via: [Caveman Circus]