Worlds Most Expensive Commercial Ever

I have seen this before on TV and came across it again. However, it’s a mystery to me how everyone keeps on going about how it took 606 takes and re-takes to get it right before they could use it. It allegedly cost $6.2 million to create this 90 second clip as well. Just right there is the give away. I can understand that it is the most expensive, that much I can agree on. But, that it should be real and setup as a domino effect in real materials and things is to me quite clear that it is not.

Even though it sometimes can be hard to spot the physics of the things are slightly off and some things are way to smooth to be real. It’s pretty clear it is made the CG (Computer Generated) way. Maybe then it took 606 takes to get it right perhaps. In any case, I highly doubt this is done for real even though I really want it to be. It’s like with magic you see. You see it but know there is a trick behind it…but somehow there is that longing for it to be just as real as it appears. What do you think? Is this Honda commercial really real?